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We produce videos, create campaigns, stories, strategies and designs. We develop new and innovative content, multiplatform and transmedia. We work in advertisement, corporate storytelling, documentaries, entertainment, education, marketing and more. We have a combined experience of over half a century in all fields of media. We have won awards and been Emmy-nominated.

We are looking forward to helping you out with your needs!


Simon Staffans

Founder & CEO

Simon has over 25 years of experience of the world of media. He is a firm believer in the power of the engaged and active audience, and relishes the challenges of working in new ways to reach even more ambitious goals.

You can listen to his podcast on Podbean - the Evolving Media podcast - and read his thoughts on his blog over at

+358 40 830 7973

Anders Wik

Founder & Head of Production

Anders has been in media for close to three decades, mainly in TV and film. His skill with a camera or at an editing station are unmatched. If he's not there  - find him out somewhere, skiing, skating or kayaking.

+358 500 669 449

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