• Simon Staffans

YouTube, porpoises and more

A brief post to note that the summer of 2016 is progressing at a hectic phase. We just came back from Stockholm, Sweden, where we were shooting episodes for a series on Youtube for the Finnish public service broadcaster YLE. We met some really great people and had a total blast - the end result will be seen after the summer (still some shooting to do). This is what it looked like (here our man David with the energetic guys from STHLM Panda):

We've also kept busy doing other things. For instance, we worked with the ferry line Wasaline to create the story of their new mascot, Wenni. Here's a video we produced telling the story of how she came to be onboard:

And we got some new gear - the Blackmagic URSA is pretty neat for producing good-looking stuff :)

Now back to work! And if you want us to help you tell your stories in engaging ways - let us know!

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