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Reach, engagement and visibility - the questionnaire

Over the past months I've been busy sharing the opportunity to read some thoughts and advice regarding how to analyse the projects you're working on with an eye on gaining visibility, reaching audiences and engaging with them in a fruitful way.

Earlier this week, I presented a first version of the questionnaire I've been building at the Documentary Campus Masterschool in Munich. With the questionnaire as basis, I'm hoping to be able to help the participants and their projects reach out and learn more about their audiences, interacting with them and gaining everything from increased knowledge and inputs to potential future following over the course of time.

I remain convinced that this is the way media has to go in the future, a more organic relationship with audiences, with more interaction, more solid validation, longer lasting relationships and much more. To that end, I've decided to publicise the questionnaire (version 1.0) for all of you to avail yourselves of.

If shared onward, I would ask you to please attribute accordingly. Many successful productions and fruitful interactions! The questionnaire is available as a PDF here.

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