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A World of Webinars

Since the pandemic struck last spring, we've all been getting increasingly used to handling things online. I don't know about you, but I've spent hours upon hours in Teams, Hangouts, Skype, Zoom and so on - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

As the world moved into seclusion and lock-downs in March and April, we at ReThink decided we should use our core competences to better these experiences for people and companies. With decades of experience from the world of TV (and radio, online, print etc) we knew we could offer clients unparallelled levels of quality when it came to live streaming and webinars.

We worked with a number of clients over the course of the spring and the summer, from the startup accelerator EnergySpin to KOSEK, the business accelerator in the Kokkola region. With up to three-camera live production and a strong focus on sound and picture quality, we could ensure that the events were up to the standards of the clients.

During the past few weeks we assisted the Åbo Akademi University with an international Games and Learning webinar, spanning over five hours and including breakout rooms, group work, keynote speakers, panel discussions and industry showcases. Matilda Ståhl, one of the organisers, has a blog post about the experience up here.

This week our work with EnergyVaasa on their Co-creation video campaign culminated in a live webinar where the campaign, the newly designed logo and the updated homepages were revealed and discussed. The video can be seen here, and the live event will soon be up on the EnergyVaasa YouTube-channel.

In short, what we see is that online and live streaming is here to stay. It is however absolutely crucial to ensure the quality of all the different parts of a webinar - from content to image quality, from sound quality to the overall experience of the participants. Using our extensive experience from live events, television and so on, we are able to offer just that - along with media training and a fair amount of coaching and advice along the way.

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