• Simon Staffans

The future is bright - the future is story-driven

We are seeing more and more proof that communication is moving from the generic world of ads and marketing to more story-driven content that aims to foster a long-lasting relationship with the target audience. And the word "audience" is increasingly incorrect - "community members" or "co-producers" would be terms more apt for the world we live in the year 2020.

At ReThink we've got our feet firmly planted in a number of fields. Corporate storytelling is an important one, and one we are happy to say we'll be enhancing over the next few months. At the same time we're eagerly developing new documentary projects, as well as projects in the multiplatform and VR spheres.

Ten years ago, when I started blogging about transmedia over on, I longed for the day when we no longer would need the term "transmedia", as those principles and those ways of addressing everything from development to production and distribution - and, naturally, audience engagement - would be natural parts of the life cycle of any project. We aren't quite there yet, but we're not far off... and as always, it's the habits of our intended audiences that are driving the process.

Right now, we're in a good spot, both from the point of view of ReThink NMS and the world of media. I have a feeling we're not really being able to appreciate how good things are right now, as we're in the midst of the whirlwind of developments, new technologies and developments. So, let's all just hang on and enjoy the ride. The future is bright.

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